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1.   Don’t use the word “take-over”—ever when changing apartment management companies! This implies a hostile environment and immediately puts existing employees on the defensive. Use instead “transition.” 2.   Keep in mind that the transition, regardless of how smoothly it goes, will initially be very stressful for the existing all on-site employees.  Treat them with respect […]

“Employees who don’t dress appropriately cap out a ceiling on their careers really quick,” says professor Dennis Tootelian of California State University, Sacramento. According to the study done by Tootelian, nearly two-thirds of Americans have felt inappropriately dressed at a business or a social function; and more than two-thirds are uncertain about the differences among […]

Make Your Community a Stop on the Tour Route “If you’re marketing to families, why not host field trips to your community from the local schools. This can be an educational opportunity for children to see how a community runs. Have your head service technician explain maintenance. Let the grounds people show off their work […]