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How the multifamily industry thinks about resident referrals has changed. The old school “refer-a-friend program” happens every day and apartment marketing teams have yet to figure out how to monetize the conversation that social media marketing has provided. With the Right Focus on Social Media, Resident Referrals Have a Huge Impact on Apartment Marketing Social […]

From the series “What is included in your integrated marketing strategy?” “What is the purpose of apartment marketing?” This  question received different answers from everyone I asked. Is it to communicate?: Show the unique features of our apartments and/or services? Show how potential residents will benefit? How are your apartments and community different? Generate leads […]

We have found that communities across the country have the idea that rent increases in $ 50 and $70 increments are effective because they are  easily  to remember, and the accounting team will have an easier time with those numbers. Unfortunately, rent increases like our rental rates, cause an adverse reaction when they are in […]

Contributed by Christopher Dembitz, Clark Whitehill Enterprises, Inc. Reward the entire staff, especially maintenance personnel, when someone renews. A key part of our compensation program is the lease renewal bonus.  Everyone at a site gets a monetary bonus (based on their position) when a lease is renewed.  This works very well for maintenance personnel, as […]