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The marketing/sales “funnel”  that marketers are so focused on is outdated with respect to today’s social consumers.The traditional customer journey, or sales funnel, is one directional. As prospective customers make their way throughthe funnel, they pass through stages: Awareness, Interest,Evaluation, Commitment, Referral, and (hopefully) Repetition.The framework doesn’t account for any type of outside influence resulting […]

For many communities, the conversation has changed over the past 3 years from “why” or “should” we be involved in social media, to “where” and “how” social media should be done. A major component of answering those questions effectively is understanding which social sites your residents are concentrated. Communities should follow, not try to lead, […]

I have a few thoughts to share on the topic of social media today, and I should tell you up front that I intend this post to provoke conversation, and I hope you’ll participate! You all know how passionate I am about the need to begin using social media now, because I truly do believe […]

Companies spend millions each year asking agencies and marketers to brand their companies in order to reach more prospects. But, how often do these same companies look carefully at the brand that is already built for them by their loyal, current customers? Like it or not, your mhelpdesk “fan base” already has built your brand […]

Happy Friday, everyone!  To end our week with a little food for thought, I wanted to share a quick exchange that’s kicking up this morning on Twitter about our upcoming Dallas Optimization Summits because it opened the door to a conversation that I want to have with every single one of you! The conversation started […]