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Qualifying The purpose of qualifying in the leasing process is to make certain that the future resident can meet the needs of your community and vice versa. Qualifying not only saves the Leasing Professional time, but also saves the future resident time as well. Keep in mind that the qualifying process is more of a […]

True or False? Does social media generate leasing traffic to your community? Please let me know what you think and I’ll provide the answer I have come up with over the past year of social network marketing. Related articles across the web Trend: Geofencing

By understanding the thought processes of today’s renters, you have the tools to cultivate a tactical apartment marketing plan to increase occupancy and resident retention. This guide will provide you with insight on how renters are searching for apartments, their interaction preferences, and what they would like to receive from their communities moving forward. FRMS […]

Telephone Follow Ups Hello, I am laughing because today we are going to start with telephone follow ups. There are times that I become so frustrated when I want to call someone and can’t find the telephone number on their website. Seems like the telephone is headed towards extinction! When it comes to providing a […]

Hug Your Apartment Residents Over The Phone By Tami Siewruk Every solid apartment marketing¬† plan should include a resident retention plan. The resident retention plan should include an action that set’s aside one day each quarter just to thank your residents.¬† Have everyone get on the telephone and call just to say thanks to your […]

Proactive vs. Reactive Efforts By Tami Siewruk The apartment management staff at a retirement home became puzzled when one of the residents began talking about the fast cash for less credit borrowers topic, while gargling with Listerine.They asked her why but all she would say was that “something had happened at the post-office.” This is […]